dynavap stash tool

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The Dynastash is the perfect companion to hit the road with your DynaVap. Each Dynastash is expertly crafted from select woods and has internal storage compartments for your Vapcap and extra herbs. The top side has the branded Dynavap logo, and a magnet to cool your vapcap tip between hits, stand the vapcap upright, or stick the stash to something metal.

A stocked Dynastash and a lighter are all you need to vape anywhere! The Standard and ER models are 92mm long and hold standard length Vapcaps. The ER model includes a silicone concentrate storage container on the top and a pointy titanium tool with internal storage. I have one. It rules. So I bought one for a friend who didn't have one. That one rules too.

Must Have Accessories for the Dynavap Vapcap

This thing is great. Easy to use hits hard and works awesome. Get one. You won't regret it.Forum Sign Up Sign In.

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Bad Dog Got a better lighter and my cap is still a double clicker but I don't mindI've only managed to combust once so far. I also grabbed a strong arm adapter and that thing works like a champ, 3 hits and perfect avb every time.

The only problem is now I want more than 1at a time, not because I'm not medicated but because it's so much dam fun lol. Bad Dog Options Share 0. Baron23 Baron23 Options Share 0. Baron23 Options Share 2. Bad Dog Options Share 1. Blowing on the cap to cool it down is it a bad idea? I started getting impatient with waiting on my dynavap to cool down so I started blowing on it to cool it down faster but I started noticing my avb was coming out to dark maybe a bit scorched. So I thought that blowing on the cap wasn't allowing the oven to cool down enough before taking my next hit, I've since stopped and things seem to be ok now.

Can anyone confirm or deny my theory? SouthboundPachyderm 2. SouthboundPachyderm Options Share 0. Nwhite Nwhite Options Share 0. I was also pushing my bud a bit farther at first 4 hits dry 3 wet, but I've since knocked it down by 1 each and I'm still happy with the effects and my avb is always perfect. Hippie Many of us have magnets nearby to speed up the cool down I have a couple on the underside of the lid of my stash tin to act as a cap puller, cooler, stand.

Hippie Options Share 0.

dynavap stash tool

BestBuds 2. BestBuds Options Share 0. I'll try my grinder, dynavap is either out of burl dynastash or they never existed and it was just wishful thinking, I'm not sure which lol. SouthboundPachyderm Options Share 1. Hapo I seem to have pissed off some one at DynaVap… I complained aboot the little stash tool they sell and said the XLS kit didn't really make any difference and didn't fit a bong very well to long and I wanted to trade them in on an OMNI kit instead You seem to be ignoring my requests to return unwanted two items for credit that I was dissatisfied with upon arrival.

Now I am having an issue with my original purchase. The head will not stay on the dark wood NonaVong body any more. At first it was almost too tight to fit.

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That is why I got the wax. It was still a very tight fit and quite secure. Now suddenly the fit is too loose to securely hold the head in place.The DynaStash is the perfect complement to any of the DynaVap vaporizers. It serves a number of purposes and it's available in a number of different attractive wood options.

First, it has a large reserve to hold a generous amount of ground material. This makes it super easy to load your DynaVap, simply press into the material, twist and you're ready to go. It also features another compartment to store your DynaVap, so you have everything you need except the heat source in one place. Finally, each DynaStash features a strong magnet that can be used to store your DynaVap when not in use, as well as to help cool it down between hits. The DynaStash is a perfect accessory for all DynaVap owners.

Fast, low-cost and discrete shipping worldwide. Very nice well made, quality wooden stash. Great size, I put some food grade mineral oil on outside a couple coats.

dynavap stash tool

The wood is gorgeous. A very nice addition to my DynaVap. Hello, Thank you for the quick service. I received my Dynavap M within a couple days of ordering. I am very pleased with the Dynavap. It works great! I could not be more pleased with your service and communication. I also watched your you tube videos. Thank you for such in depth and enlightening information on your products and the use of them. I am looking forward to placing orders in the future. Thank You, Teresa. I have to say, the main reason I grabbed this product is because of the magnet; it really helps when you have a red-hot Dynavap and need a place to put it down.

It also seems to cool off very quickly when on the magnet. The stash itself is nice and deep, and does a great job as a dugout for the Dynavap. It does also conceal the smell pretty nicely too if you've got some stinky bud. I saw it listed for the same price on a number of sites, but Sneaky Pete has not let me down yet! First things first. I was, no joke, looking in my e-mail to look up when I could expect my order.

I just wanted to know. Went to the mail box and there it was. That is responsive. Second thing. Your video reviews. I work in this industry as a supplier for indoor grows. Not a bad thing, but hard to trust.

Your reviews are, if anything, too detailed. But, to be also fair, at least I know. I can respect that. Then the final thing. I felt like I was making an informed decision when I purchased the 7 or 8 things in my order, on each and every item.Crafted from fine wood for ultimate beauty and durability, the Dynastash will store and display your VapCap in style.

We're currently unable to offer discounts on DynaVap products; our apologies. You can cover the stash chamber with the lid when removing the Dynavap, so not having a spring is not a problem for me.

Everything has very tight tolerances and I am impressed with the craftsmanship. I have always liked the dugout system. Been a fan of it for decades. It came in in only a couple of days and in great condition.

It holds enough product to last several days and the magnet is a amazing tool to have on hand. It will d finitely be something I use in a daily basis, in place of my old dugout system. The wood is nice though! Also, the swivel cap frequently comes loose. Click here! Close menu. Main menu.

Home VapCap Dynastash. Layer 1 Sold Out. VapCap Dynastash 13 reviews. Choose your Wood. Purpleheart - Dynaverse Design. Purpleheart- Explore Design.The DynaVap VapCap is a portable dry herb vaporizer with a thriving community of followers. The Vapcap is a simple vape with many varieties and options.

Dynavap enables and encourages makers to make custom Vapcap stems and mouthpieces, even offering wholesale costs on raw materials and Dynavap parts! With so many Dynavap mods, upgrades, and accessories available, this guide will break down my favorites. Passion is my favorite core value and my preferred driver in life. Passion is what drove me to quit my job and leave my career and clout behind to pursue a life as a cannabis content creator.

These Artisan Dynavap stems are also a product of passion. The mysterious woodworker that we only know as The Artisan is a cancer survivor who has been into wooden craft and artisanal hobbies his entire life.

The Artisan discovered cannabis while fighting, and winning, his battle with cancer. He discovered Dynavap a few years ago and started making stems at home purely for the personal satisfaction of doing so.

When his daughter came home and found his hoard of freshly hewn Dynavap stems, she convinced him to share his art with the world and start selling the stems online. Holy shit. This is a revolutionary accessory for the Dynavap. The magnet has a clever little hood that latches onto the lip of the Vapcap tip and holds it tight.

Brought to us by the makers of the best weed grinderGrinders for Life.

dynavap stash tool

This is my goto torch. Perfect for Vapcaps and Sticky Bricks. Use premium butane and purge your lighter ever 3 refills and this lighter will last you several years. Scorch Torch. The deluxe kit comes with all the basic replacements and maintenance tools you need.

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Some spare parts I would suggest picking up include: o-rings, mouthpieces, condensers. Isopropyl alcohol rubbing alcohol melts built up reclaim the same way water melts to the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz.

These handy pre-packaged Alcohol Wipes allow you to have the awesome power of alcohol while on the go! All vapes require routine maintenance, these pipe cleaners items take almost all the hassle out of the process. These pipe cleaners are freaking amazing! Not only do the little fibers grab onto the tar built up inside vapes, the Zen pipe cleaners also have fine wire fibers that breakthrough hardened reclaim.

These work well for Pax vapes as well as Dynavap. The Dynastash is a wooden carrying case offered by Dynavap.

VapCap Dynastash

The cleverly named Dynastash is a kickass Dynavap accessory with character and style. The Dynastash is available in a variety of woods and finishes. These cases are perfect for taking VapCaps on the go. They also serve as a base for desktop vape stations. Also available from PotV and Puffitup. This hockey puck looking base offers a budget friendly place to secure your VapCap.

These purple storage tubes from PuffitUp are perfect! These tubes also work really well for cleaning your vapcap — just fill with iso alcohol and soak your parts for a few minutes. This unique case allows one to store and carry the VapCap inside, similar to the purple case mentioned above, but better! For starters this case comes equipped with o-rings around the seals to ensure a truly smell-proof case.

The Silo also features dual storage compartments: for your vape and herb.We're currently unable to offer discounts on DynaVap products; our apologies. I got the wenge and it's a quality sample of wood. The little wax holder thing is kind of weird at first but just press evenly and it'll come on out. The tool is useful too, don't pack the dynavap too tight though! I love having a way to store everything I need for my dynavap in one place minus the torch.

The stash box makes it easier to carry and to get the dynavap to cool quicker on the magnet, the silicone concentrate holder is a bit small but it works the only additional piece that would make it perfect is a small dab tool to go in the kit. Cedar Dynastash ER was purchased, looks and performs great. Super convenient and I love the cedar smell. Received the Walnut Dynastash and was packaged great and came quick! Click here! Close menu. Main menu. Layer 1 Sold Out. VapCap Dynastash ER 5 reviews.

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Dynavap + Stash Box 2020 Update!!

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