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How To Make An AK 47 Full Auto – Easy & Affordable

Gun : Saiga 12 ga. Semi-auto mag fed Russian made. Russian made Saiga from the Izhmash factory. ProMag drum Auction is for 1 drum.

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Saiga 12ga magazine, 12 rounds. This is a 12 round magazine exclusively used for Saiga's 12 gauge shotguns. This item is new and has not been taken out of its packaging. A great option for adding a little extra a GA Sales: Made in Russia. The Saiga is a gauge semi-automatic tactical shotgun available in a wide range of c Finally a pouch tall enough to carry your Surefire rd magazines. These surplus pouches were carefully modified to accommodate up to 3 of these monster magazines.

It will easi Green f It comes with a s Finally a pouch that will carry your Shotgun Shell boxes.

20 rounds after bolt carrier polishing on Saiga 12

This excellent condition Pouch will hold four 25rd boxes or one rd Wally World value pack, Ammo shown for representatio This includes 5-round magazines, H Green for 12Ga or 20Ga. This pouch has M. ProMag Saiga 12 ga.By willhutchersonJanuary 4, in Saiga I'm gonna seem a heretic here, but I'd take both. The AA12, preferably in a retro-Atchisson config, to go with the other irons of those who've had an influence on me, the Saiga for 'Serious Social Situations' In fairness to the AA, its low cyclic rate was a deliberate design choice made by Atchison the designer to make sure the AA was easily controllable during full auto fire.

To further help with controllability during full auto fire the AA also has a very long run for its bolt carrier which makes sure the bolt carrier never hits the back of the receiver during cycling which would otherwise impart an additional recoil force to the shooter. Also unlike the Saiga 12 the AA fires from an open bolt as can be seen in the videoso that the bolt is moving forward and hits the front of the receiver just as the round is fired. Because of this the backward moving recoil force of the fired round must first overcome the forward moving momentum of the bolt group, which also helps with controllability during full-auto fire.

Keep in mind that when compared to a cartridge that was specifically designed for controllable full-auto fire, like say the 7. In the full auto Saiga 12 video Mike makes keeping that full-auto Saiga 12 under control look easy because he has no doubt had a lot of practice firing it full-auto.

The bottom line is that a AA will be easier to control on full auto fire than a Saiga 12, particularly when heavier recoiling 12 gauge ammo is being used.

Of course it is sort of an apples to oranges comparison since the Saiga 12 as originally designed by Izhmash is a self-loading shotgun, not a machine shotgun as the AA was designed from the ground up to be. Moreover for the typical individual it's all academic anyway, since most of us will never get a chance to possess or fire any machine shotgun and are restricted to semi-automatic shotguns only, in which case the Saiga 12, which is lighter, simpler, more reliable, and much less expensive, is clearly the better choice.

As a matter of fact you can. And, with the S12's tendency to stay right where it's aimed, you can maintain your target area while you are doing so. Below is a link to a video a buddy and I made last summer while testing a couple of new S12 tactical builds. Bear in mind that we're basically just screwing around. As for the 3" magnum stuff, I see no need for it in a weapon that slings lead downrange at the speed of the S12, in semi auto or full auto trim.

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The Russians saw no need to produce a fully auto S12 because it is literally "overkill". I've done the math many times - at a semi auto cyclic rate of five rounds per second, the S12 is capable of putting 45 each 8. That is equivalent to a cyclic rate of rounds per minute for a single projectile firearm, allowing the S12 to put nearly as much lead downrange for short intervals as a Dylan Minigun.

saiga 12 full auto bolt carrier

Double that output with a fully auto S12, and you have a weapon that is capable of mind numbing target devastation. The full auto saiga runs fast and blows so much smoke in your face you cant see the sights If I had to pick I would say saiga for fun, dirty warfare, and for spare parts available to use from semi gun.

AA for clean combat and resale. So hell if I know yea pissing contest. And everyone should have had used both before picking one. USAS looks like a wanna be 12 gauge M16 also. In full autos a higher RPM rate is not always better, that why I just got a lage slowfire upper.

They are in fact close siblings if not fraternal twins. Im the only one that willingly loads Tom's 12's with 3" shells and fires it, and I can still keep those cannon rounds going onto target during mag dumps, quite easily, even with the snot getting knocked out of me. The AA12 runs about rpm, and as is said above was designed that way intentionally so any little squirt could control it with toy loads.

Look at the segments in the different AA12 videos where they run slugs down it. Im not sure why one would want to turn down the cyclic rate of any machine gun, personally. Its all about lead on target.

If you cant control the gun, leave it for someone who can and use something else.

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Why one would want a full auto shotgun the size of your leg is beyond me. You make some target and take some time to swing going through someone's front door to raid the place. I know you like taking the whole friggin gun apart to clear the weapon that is if slamming the butt on the ground dont work Im sure the AA12 will have the same problem if it does jamI chamfered the edge of the cut out and rounded it over well.

This is nothing new if your gun is FTE. Sometimes a shell might eject but the bolt carrier has lost so much energy doing it and then stripping the next round that that is a common response Then I analyzed the ejected shell casings. I noticed that the extractor cut out was distorting the hull and swelling out the plastic into a little bulge. It was driving up into the slot. Usually when a gun does this it will hang up obviously in the spot. And not cause fail to ejects I thought what the hell might as well try the extractor slot fix.

Took the gun out and it has run like a scalded dog ever since! The bulged material was causing enough drag while being extracted that it was cause the FTEs like that even with high brass! I never thought that I would see any change after rounding the cut out. Just didn't think it could cause that much drag ejecting, thought all the troubles of the sharp edge was FTFs or slow feeds. But it all paid off.

I will watch this thread closely, my friend was telling me about this today but like you wasn't quite sure what the fix was. I see the extractor slot on the end of the barrel, but I have no idea which edge he is giving the treatment. Seems like if I round over the edge I think it would be, it would be removing material from the edge of. You sure he isn't referring to the ejector slot on the bolt face, I was even thinking this could be a problem I don't know if this is from the ejector or just machining.

That was weird it didn't post all of my reply. I was saying that there were scratches on the inside of the ejector slot but I am not sure if it was from the ejector or from machining.The AK 47 is a selective rifle that means it can be used as a semi — automatic and full — automatic.

It also known as Kalashnikov rifle. This is one of the most popular in the world of the gun market. Most of people like armies, shooters and hunters know the AK It is an easy using rifle with everyone because they can try to use this rife in one hour. Before understanding how to make the AK 47, you should catch two points. First of all, you need to have proper license when you are going to use the rifles. In most civilized countries, they have various regulations about using handguns and rifles.

Therefore, you should ensure these laws in your regions. Secondly, you need to set full auto parts. Thirdly, you should create full automatic bolt carrier. You could have a look at some best bidpods and scopes for AK47 that we listed.

When you have license, you can find full auto parts. Because there are many kinds of AK 47, this article focused on 7. Most of the clones of AK are interchangeable except the Galil. If you want to have exact auto part, you would buy one metal template and make hole in the set.

saiga 12 full auto bolt carrier

You begin install the auto part. It is not difficult to set up this auto part. Firstly, you make the hole with 7mm on the left side of the receiver. On the right side, you make a 5mm hole. You need to separate the receiver because of the security of the template on the left side. To do this point, you move the axis pins in the holes that marked in 3 and 4.

Then, you mark the hole in number 2 by using a scribe to make a circle. Secondly, you replace the slave pins and the template. You move the template on the opposite side of the receiver.

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Do not forget to scribe the 2 hole and punch it at the center. Thirdly, you drill the left side of the receiver with the larger of the two bits. Then, you take and move the template carefully on a table. Then, you concentrate on the slotting of the bolt carrier guide rail of the receiver wall. If you look down your separated AK and you have the muzzle on the left side, you will see the template like this.

As you can see in the picture, the dark area is a place you will remove metal from the bolt carrier guide rail. You need to do this task for the trip arm of the automatic sear.

It will project above the rail and engage a cam on the bolt carrier. It produces the automatic fire when the selector level is moved in the middle position.

You should slot it instead of cutting it because it is neater. You can cut the web between them and using a Swiss file.Even for them to get or make one, they would need a letter requesting one from a Law Enforcement Department. Used to be pretty easy to get your local yockle PD to sign a letter if you were a class III dealer and offered to sample them for them in case they were interested in buying.

Police cheifs don't like getting calls from the ATF, so they're slowing down on signing off unless they really are interested in the weapon. Now, on to your question. It would take more than "full auto" parts.

saiga 12 For Sale

The AK has a safety sear which acts to delay the hammer so that it doesn't follow the bolt carrier immediatly. That "trip" is positioned in the receiver by a pin.

Semi auto AKs and the Saiga don't have the holes in the receiver for the pin. Oh yeah, you'd also be a felon and never be able to buy another gun without risking going back to the Fed Pen. S citizen and i do not intend to try to make a full auto i just am interested in what things can and cannot be done. Either by those who are trying to catch people who are doing it OR those who want to do illegal stuff and are just looking for instructions on how to do it. Threads like this one serve no purpose in promoting the Saiga shotgun we love so much, all these threads do is draw attention that we do not want.

You said it yourself, " i do not intend to try to make a full auto". Then why even post this?? But, since there is not, WE that is all of us here need to police ourselves and think about the possible ramifications before we post.

This is nothing personal, I just wish people would think before they post. Hey, Assassin yeah, I'd assume with a FA parts set and a drill it could be done. The only problem I could foresee is the bolt carrier. It would be a fairly simple conversion, but not a simple drop in parts and wa la! Go over to www. I currently own five title II devices, with about three more in the works! You can post now and register later.

saiga 12 full auto bolt carrier

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.By winstonLTNovember 9, in Saiga 5. Hey guys, I was looking at my bolt carrier in my saiga today and I think it is a full auto carrier. I did not know they were imported this way I compared it with one of my Maadi's that I know to be a full auto bolt carrier and it looks similair.

The full auto cam on the saiga bolt carrier is much more angular though the maadi is much more of a gradual slope as opposed to the saiga's 90 degree angle. Not sure if it is actually made for the auto seer or if that cam is there just for the bolt hold open mechanism.

What do you guys think? Just curious. I'm not sure though being I'm relying off of what I've seen on the kvar website. Wel, it's confirmed, my saiga 5. Obviously this means nothing in terms of full auto fire without the other critical modifications, but interesting non the less. If the cut was in the rail for the auto sear and if you had the auto sear that small piece of the carrier might not be far enough forward to hit the lever arm of the auto sear.

Even if it was far enough forward, the face of it being 90 degrees would beat up the lever arm of the auto sear. That's why your maadi carrier has that gradual slope.

It just be a tad easier with a Saiga bolt carrier. For everyone else here is a pic of what winstonLT is talking about Saiga is the big one, normal FA is small :. Those aren't the best examples. One of my Saiga bolt carriers doesn't have that much material. It's thinner. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

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Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Saiga 5. Full Auto Bolt Carrier in my Saiga??!!! Recommended Posts.Please click on the picture to select your options. Dramatically smooths and improves trigger pull while maintaining the same factory full power striking force. Can be adjusted easily. Bolts on to your existing charge handle to give you enhanced oversized knob to operate your weapon easily.

Designed to easily add a secure adjustable cheek rest to your Carolina Raptor stock. Replaces your front recoil spring to make your Saiga shotguns more reliable. One of the best brakes on the market for recoil reduction! This product can be mounted with all External or Internal blocks. Please click on the picture to select your stock length options.

US made Original AK47 style design with storage compartment. US made Original AK47 style design. This product can be mounted to AK rifles with side folding receivers Everything you need for installation. Smooth Enhanced AK trigger. Best of the Best AK triggers. Fits LYNX. Modified to allow Safety to be installed and removed easily during conversions.

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Machined from solid billet for the Saiga Bolts onto the receiver using the existing rivet holes. Milled from solid billet for extra strength and the most durable mounting platform available. AK to M4 Adapter. The Chaos Titan Rail System is manufactured to highest standards in the industry.

It Extends at 18", hinges open for dust cover removal and access. DO NOT use mild steel rod - it will not hold up. Neoprene Cheek Pad is a great addition to all cheek rests and any stock. Adjustable stock has recoil absorbing shock buffer. This set is designed to be used with the original trigger group as it comes factory on all Saiga Shotguns and Rifles.

Easily mounts to most handguards. Allows you to attach vertical grips, lights, lasers and much more to your handguard. This gas plug utilizes 6 different gas settings instead of the factory 2. Bolts on to your Saiga 12 easily HiViz fiber optic front sight allows for faster target acquisition. Allows you to mount a Red Dot Scope to your Saiga 12, 20 or shotgun.

Mounts to any accessory rail for an instant sling attachment point. This is a drop in extended magazine release for your Saiga or Vepr 12 shotgun. AK External Receiver Block stock extension. Designed for the factory Saiga setup with no modifications to your firearm.

Stainless Steel. Spring Included. Titanium Spring Included. Attaches to any Internal or External block to easily allow your bolt on stock to fold.

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